10th International Conference – IMR 2014

Faculty of Economics in Osijek and Pforzheim University gathered leading economists in Croatia in Opatija on 10th IMR Interdisciplinary Management Research Conference 2014. Economists announced that the solution to the crisis is known, but for their application to happen there’s a need for brave government to make moves. – It is not a question of what, but who is willing to make decisive moves – said economist Mladen Vedris and solutions offered by Josip Budimir, economic strategist from HSLS. From the pension system should be set aside all pensions that have not earned work and transfer them to the budget and significantly reduce, proposes Budimir, a health deficit would decline by limiting the scope of services covered by the basic insurance. The social security system should be centralized, said Budimir and applied to it means test and be on welfare will be more cost-effective than working. Economic strategist HNS Dragan Kovacevic thinks that we have to focus on the launch of thousands of projects they can hire the unemployed. – Large projects are realized for years. Plomin C will show the real effects for several years, and we in the meantime we have to hire people from Slavonia encouraging small factory. Tourism in the Adriatic region can improve the measure for upgrading the hotel for a star with the help of HBOR. So we can make a step forward in the year – says Kovacevic. The lack of competitiveness of Professor Vladimir Gligorov from the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies would resolve internal depreciation that reducing labor costs in the investment industry made profitable by the reform of tax policy and changes to the Labour Law.

– Ljubo Jurčić

Damir Novotny Consultant disagrees with Professor Gligorov and thinks that Croatia should not be a country of cheap labor, but that is way out in the development of industries with high added value. – Playing with the exchange rate in this country euriziranoj it would be detrimental to the citizens – said Novotny. President of the Croatian Association of Economists Ljubo Jurcic crisis has accused “fiscal abyss into which our government is pushing higher taxes and energy prices”. John Miloloža, a member of the Croatian Employers Association, co-organizer of the conference, noted that energy prices rose by up to 400 percent and to raise tax stifles economy unprepared for the EU. The problem may be best detected Emeritus Professor Drazen Barković saying that Croatia suffers decidofobije. Author: Marina Šunjerga (Večernji list) http://www.vecernji.hr/gospodarstvo/treba-vuci-poteze-zbog-kojih-se-gube-izbori-939435